Palladium Restaurant

Just as you open the door of the Palladium restaurant you find yourself under a starry sky. You'll see an amazing panoramic view over the huge 45-thousand seated Kazan Arena stadium. All the restaurant is surrounded by stained-glass windows from which you can see what is happening at the stadium while enjoying your meal.

Restaurant is equipped with a unique VOID musical system, the only one in Kazan. Upon a request with the VOID system Palladium can easily be transformed into a nightclub. There is also a karaoke system with a wide choice of songs, and plasma panels that can translate any type of content: corporate presentations, memorable photos, videos, etc.

Ресторан Palladium


Yamashev st. 115a, Kazan Arena stadium, 4th floor, Eastern Zone

Working hours

Friday and Saturday 18 pm to 4 am


+7 (843) 245-37-37

Restaurant Palladium

  • Is situated on the 4th floor of the Eastern Zone
  • Has a total area of 703 square meters
  • Can manage up to 300 guests at once
  • Restaurant's level: top casual
  • Cuisine: classic european, japanese
  • Average check: about 1500-2000 rubles


The culinary ambitions of the restaurant are also impressive. Here you can enjoy high-quality classical european food and experience an open sushi bar, where all you see you can later on taste.